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Ageis Technologies
Why Ageis Technologies?

Clients choose Ageis because of our dedication, performance and innovation.

Our dedication can be measured by our track record in completing projects on-time. Our performance can be seen in the quality of the finished product .. easily measured by the amount of repeat business we enjoy ... and also by our "sticking" to project budgets. As for innovation, our clients will attest to our ability to apply today's technologies to their longstanding process problems. We encourage you to view our client's list.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of our value proposition to our clients is what we call "the India Advantage".

The India Advantage

The last decade saw India emerge on the global IT map. A combination of several unique advantages has made its position unassailable.

Technical Resource Pool
India boasts of one of world's largest technical resource pool. A large number of Universities and Technical Institutes ensure a consistent flow of English speaking, highly qualified professionals.

Excellent Work Ethics
Indian IT professionals are known for their excellent work ethics. A "customer first" approach and an "whatever it takes" attitude towards commitments, form the backbone of the success of the IT industry in India. The open society, acceptance of many religions, ethnicity, languages, backgrounds and a large diasporas in many countries provide the needed support.

Supportive Government
The pro-business attitude that governments (successively in the last several years) have consistently demonstrated has resulted in several measures to support and promote the industry.

Extended working hours
The time zone difference with many countries provides clients the advantage of extended working hours. It works favorably in current competitive business scenario where "time to market" is an extremely important factor.

Communication Links
The advancement in the Internet and telecom technology has paved way for the desired communication links. This has broken the geographical boundaries and facilitated the "anytime-anywhere" business culture.

India Cost Advantage
While providing quality solutions using the cutting edge technologies, the socio-economic environment of India brings to you an added advantage of attractive costs.