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Deployment & Integration Practice

Tools  &  Technology

Segment –  Work Done Deployment & Integration Practice

Microsoft Practice

  • Microsoft software solutions partner since 2001
  • Microsoft Application Developer partner for .NET, ASP, SQL development
  • Microsoft IW partner since 2005
  • Preferred partner for Share point services
  • Preferred partner for Biz talk services
  • Preferred partner for CMS product
  • Preferred partner for Project Management products
  • We help clients integrate and customize business processes (Workflow, document management, content management etc) using .Net, InfoPath, K2 and other technologies.

Segment –  Work Done Microsoft Practice

  • Build Enterprise Application Integration- solution integrated with
    • → Work Management System Oracle (through Web Services deployed on WebLogic),
    • → Payroll System PeopleSoft (through FTP file share),
    • → Customer Information System (ICSS) and
    • → Inventory Management System (PMTS) on Oracle.
  • Commerce Server 2006/2007 Integration using BizTalk 2006 (.Net 2.0 framework).
  • Developed seamless build process using visual build pro and Microsoft visual studio
  • Developed Integrated Project workflow management system using Sharepoint
      → Developed Project Management System
      → Change Management System
      → Ticket Management System
  • Deployed Enterprise Exchange Server 2003/2007/2010

Oracle and Security Services Practice

Ageis has over past few years identified strategic partners to supplement and/or complement our offerings. Our other strategic partners are:

  • Oracle
    • → Partnership with Oracle complements our backend database development offerings
    • → We have converted all our in house products to multiple platform backend i.e. MS SQL and Oracle.
  • Symbol Technologies
    • → We have partnered with Symbol Technologies for hardware related to RFID service offerings.
  • Object Securities
    • → We have partnered with Object Security to help us install effective security mechanisms and administration for integrating existing networked applications, consolidating IT landscape and/or deploying new networked applications?

Segment –  Work Done Oracle and Security Services Practice