Tailored Cloud Services

Automated, simple, and accessible to all

Ageis Cloud Services

Ageis gives you the advantage of switching to a network easily and securely accessible globally establishing processes
across the globe and reducing cost on IT asset management.


Whether you start a cloud project without any preparation, or have started it effectively, you need to make sure that nothing will shock you. We are here to help you.
After understanding your business area, we will define the ideal control and response strategy.
Choose the hosted IT solution that best suits your organization. Tell us the problem you need to solve and we will deliver it to you.

Professional Services

cloud professional services
Work with our well-trained cloud architects, engineers, and project managers who have extensive experience in promoting cloud deployment, advanced cloud operation support and optimization, SRE and DevOps methods.
Ageis professional services can be tailored to your specific needs, whether it’s assessments, training and seminars, or professional contributions to your project.

Managed Services

cloud-managed services
We will help you manage and:
Monitor your infrastructure
Prevent Incidents
Optimize Performance
Cloud Billing and Cost Efficiency
Make Complex Updates or Changes

Cloud Native

Companies are struggling with digital transformation to find appropriate skills sets to develop business applications designed for size and consumption on different devices.
The development of applications in the cloud explains the understanding of the last platform and experience in tools, compatibility with inherited applications and knowledge of domain. If it is a mobile application, Web Application, E-Commerce or CMS Application brings technical experience of cloud application services and application development without servers.
We understand user behaviour that it is intuitive, robust and high-performance behaviour to design a secure application.

We deliver scalable, expandable and almost perfectly elastic software services using internet technologies.


Cloud Monitoring

Advanced monitoring tools and 24/7 cloud expert access will ensure the availability and performance of critical cloud infrastructure. You will benefit from personalized follow-up and response.

In the event of an accident, it will be tailored for you through a timely and professional response. Our cloud and system monitoring services ensure that your organization will never lose visibility and detection capabilities when migrating to the cloud. We use our own and third-party tools.

With Our longstanding experience building and managing AWS clouds, it is compelling that Ageis should be your go-to partner for IaaS solutions, cloud design, migration, secure networking and ongoing management and support.