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Cloud Security
Join us and learn how we can help you reduce complexity, reduce risk, and improve performance with a single cloud service that can be easily deployed and scaled with your business.
Security Assessment & Design
Performing a risk assessment allows the organization to have a comprehensive view of the application portfolio from the attacker's perspective. Helps managers make sound decisions about implementing security controls, tools, and resource allocation.
Identity & Access Management
Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a discipline that enables the right person to access the right resource at the right time and for the right reason.
Multi-factor Authentication
Avoid fraud and protect user accounts with multi-factor authentication.In a world of leaked accounts and frequent password dumps, companies must implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) to adequately protect users and prevent data leakage.
Vulnerability Assessments
Optimize your security posture by dramatically reducing the time it takes to execute, manage, and prioritize.We assess whether the system is vulnerable to known vulnerabilities, assign severity levels to these vulnerabilities, and recommend solutions or mitigation measures when necessary.
Intrusion Detection
Device or software application used to monitor the network for malicious activity or policy violations. Incident management and security information systems are typically used to centrally report or collect any malicious activity or breach.
Data Protection
A data protection strategy is essential for any organization that collects, processes or stores sensitive data.
Log Management
The log provides you with first-hand information about network activity. Log management can ensure that network activity data hidden in the log becomes meaningful and actionable security information.
Automated Patch Management
Use Ageis Patch Management to patch your system efficiently and at scale, if it's patching the latest vulnerabilities detecting unpatched systems.
Data Encryption & Key Management
Controlling and maintaining data encryption keys is an important part of any data encryption strategy, because using encryption keys, cybercriminals can restore encrypted data to its original unencrypted state.
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