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Our name derives from the automated combat system that safeguards naval battle groups by linking together all the ships' radar and communications functions. That's what we do for the business process needs of our clients.
As a company experienced in analysing business process requirements in large and small organizations, we have the skills and technology to identify both the short and long term benefits associated with an automated workflow solution for your enterprise. Ageis Technologies is capable of creating customized solutions to the problems faced by manual or paper based operations.

Because of our capabilities, our clients can:
  • Introduce emerging 3 tier client server technologies without affecting existing applications.
  • Reduce the cost of software development, reengineering, maintenance and support substantially.
  • Build dynamic business models using data mining and analysis by providing tools and technologies.
  • Enable B2B and B2C by using appropriate web technologies.
Reduce Errors
When data is collected using paper forms and eventually transcribed into multiple systems, errors are certain to occur. And paper is costly to action, and store. A mistake in data entry can result in errors that upset customers, but something as simple as a misplaced decimal point can result in lost revenue too! Automating the data collection process helps to eliminate errors by checking the data entered to ensure that the data is valid. Error checking at the source helps you avoid costly mistakes and delays in your business process, reducing customer complaints and increasing efficiency.

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